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From Kelly & Curtis:

“When my wife and I were making our wedding arrangements it was without question on who we wanted to DJ our wedding. With Mikes experience and Audio background I we knew he was the perfect choice for the job. We really threw it in Mike’s hands to provide all the musical content due to our hectic schedule and I was absolutely amazed with the quality and professionalism he contributed to our wedding. I have been told by numerous friends and family that our wedding was one of the best that they have attended. We thank Mike for all the kind words we received because what it comes down to is he kept the party moving and to me and my wife we couldn't have asked for anything else. For anyone looking for his services you will be impressed. 5 star service in my book. Thank you again Mike.”

From Olivia & Mike:

"My husband and I were most anxious about finding an experienced DJ for an affordable price. From the moment we sat down with Mike 8 months before our wedding, we knew we were in good hands. Mike has a talent for customizing each ceremony and reception to the couples needs and he listened to every request and concern we had. Most importantly he was patient with us while we figured out what style we were going for and attentive and helpful from the beginning. We exchanged over 100 emails from the moment we met and he was always there to answer my questions. I would have to say that he is under-priced for what you get with Mike and I can guarantee you will leave your wedding with a huge smile on our face from the wonderful organization and flow of whatever type of wedding you desire. He has great taste in music, professional equipment and an amazing attitude. I highly recommend him!”

From Kelley & Jeremy:

“I've known Mike Baskett for years now through his wife who is my leaguemate at Tilted Thunder. Aside from being a hard worker and all-around upstanding guy, he is also a fantastic DJ. He has years of experience which include numerous Tilted Thunder events and roller derby bouts at Comcast Arena. And this season he was signed on to DJ at the Rat City bouts at Key Arena! After years of working with Mike, when my husband and I got engaged, I knew there was no one else I'd rather have help us with our music than Mike. And even though it was on his birthday, he gladly made the commitment. True to form, he was very easy to work with and with little guidance from us, played the perfect mix of music to fit the crowd and keep them entertained. He helped make our wedding memorable! 


I can't recommend him enough! Mike is just simply fantastic!”

From Carli & Ren:

“My wife Carli and I had our wedding in July, and we were fortunate enough to have Michael Baskett as our DJ. Having a DJ with as much experience and knowledge as Mike made the planning and preparation part of the wedding an easy process. There were some cases where we had specific songs, requests, and announcements we wanted him to facilitate and he did with confident ease. There were other parts of our wedding where we had only general ideas on what we wanted; Mike filled in the blanks perfectly. When juggling a wedding with hundreds of moving pieces, you’re left worrying about many things. What 

happens if a vendor gets sick? What happens if the electronics maulfunction? Mikes experience working at a company which installs stereo equipment gave us confidence in his ability to work through technical issues. Additionally, his perfect attendance record at roller-derby events alongside his clout within the DJ community gave us confidence that our wedding would be covered even if something truly unexpected should happen. Having Mike as our DJ helped provide us with peace of mind.

Perhaps the best thing about working with Mike is his attitude. A paragon of customer service, Mike was excellent at answering our questions, acknowledging our requests, and communicating requirements. His ever present “I can do it, no problem” attitude allowed us to have complete confidence in his abilities from start to finish. Mike is knowledgeable, responsible, and personable. We would highly recommend him as a DJ for future events”

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